Tax Discovery

Tax Discovery is the process of uncovering, confirming, and collecting unpaid tax liabilities on behalf of government municipalities. The objective of the Tax Discovery process is to "find" accounts unknown to the current account database, and then systematically process these accounts for payment. The revenue generated from this process is "new" revenue for the municipality or agency, creating increased tax income without increasing taxes.

Tax Discovery is NOT Tax Collections!

While the Collection process collects known debts that are delinquents, the Tax Discovery process finds unknown tax liabilities from tax avoiders, scofflaws, or the ignorant. The TMA Discovery process finds and compares multiple, disparate databases to achieve incredible results.

Education is Important!

A successful Tax Discovery Program also educates the taxpayer regarding the overall tax process, creating a basis for voluntary compliance in the future.

Benefits of Tax Discovery

TMA's proprietary software application, coupled with our professional services unit, provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Effective, reasonable, and credible enforcement of the tax laws
  • Accurate collection of the total taxes due
  • Increased voluntary compliance through taxpayer education
  • Harmonious taxpayer relationships
  • Quality taxpayer assistance
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