RIS - the service

Revenue Improvement Service (RIS)

TMA's Revenue Improvement Service (RIS) improves the client's revenue base through the creation and implementation of a professional, successful Tax Discovery service operation. The RIS Process consists of the following core components:

  • Tax Discovery Database Development
  • Intelligent Database Matching
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Center
  • Project Team Instruction and Training
  • Professional Collections Training

TMA is a technology-based, tax discovery service organization. We utilize technology to accomplish our mission, but equal in importance, is that we are a service organization. Technology is just a tool. To use this tool to its full potential we "marry" the people to the technology. They must trust it and feel comfortable that it will perform the required task quickly, accurately, and with the expected results.

We are very confident in the ability of the service that we offer. In fact, we are always willing to take accountability by tying a portion of our fees directly to the results.

RIS is most advantageous when employed as a complete, turn-key, on-site implementation of a Tax Discovery Program. In such an implementation, TMA can provide the staffing, supervision, hardware, software, and system maintenance for a complete Tax Discovery Service operation. This team performs the following functions:

  • Identify new accounts
  • Pursue new accounts
  • Educate taxpayer about liability
  • Calculate complete tax liability dynamically
  • Collect "new" revenue
  • Maintain renewals
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