Tax Specialist

Position Description

Job Title: Tax Specialist

Reports To: Project Director

Narrative Description:

    Under the management of the Project Director, calls, sends letters and tax return registration forms to business entities suspected of operating a business in the Client's jurisdiction. First priority is to educate the public on Clients tax and licensing ordinances utilizing state of the art systems and proprietary Tax Discovery software. Collects taxes owing where appropriate; handles both inbound telephone calls and correspondence from entities claiming to be out of business or ineligible for tax liability within the Clients jurisdiction. Uses predictive dialer on outbound call campaigns. Researches subject claims for validity and denotes same in computer files. Tracks and presents daily, weekly, and monthly statistical information relative to the government accounts receivable/tax project. Responsible for report preparation, storage, and retrieval. Assist in the timely and accurate preparation of information for reporting to client, senior management, and others. Performs tasks on PC's using a variety of proprietary and off the shelf software applications.

  • Contacts by phone and letter those entities deemed as liable to register and pay Client's business taxes; educates tax payer; collects taxes when due; handles inbound telephone calls and correspondence; researches claims made that would preempt accounts from owing taxes; makes timely follow-ups to potential tax discovery accounts.
  • Prepares daily, weekly, and monthly reports on productivity and performance statistics for categories pertaining to the collection of the client's tax receivable. Compiles information from both manual and automated sources on potential tax discovery accounts.
  • Evaluates tax returns and payments on a daily basis prior to forwarding to Client for processing. Determines if tax amount is viable for that business type. Documents all account work in proprietary Revenue Management System (RMS) case management/ tracking software. Creates forms or documents as needed on the project in addition to typing correspondence and memos.
  • Performs basic administrative tasks such as copying, answering phones, and adding numbers on a calculator or personal computer.
  • Operates and maintains office equipment including fax machine, copy machine, personal computers, and printers.
Job Contacts:
  • The Clients employees at various levels.
  • Company employees at a project location.
  • Potential taxpayers.
Qualifying Experience:
  • High school education with additional education in the use of computers, office machines, and PC's.
  • Previous experience in a similar (customer contact) job description in a finance/credit/ collections/accounts receivable/ customer service related business or department. Telemarketing and skip tracing experience especially helpful.
  • Must have demonstrated communication skills, both written and verbal, and be adept at working with personnel in a variety of levels in a fast-paced organization.
  • Bi-lingual in English, Spanish, Farsi, Italian, Hebrew, and/or Asian (Korean/ Japanese/Chinese) a plus.
Required Skills:
  • Three (3) or more years experience working in an office environment on various computer software products. Able to type 40 WPM with a high degree of accuracy. Collection systems experience a plus.
  • Demonstrated excellence in grammar, spelling, and communication skills (both written and verbal).
  • Ten (10) key numeric pad by touch with accuracy.
  • Analytically adept at understanding computer generated leads of potentially non-compliant business and the incoming correspondence regarding same.
  • Must have a professional approach to the position with the ability to be trusted with highly confidential information on client premises.
  • Capable of operating office equipment and starting a call campaign job (after being trained) in the absence of the Project Director or Systems Manager.



 Phone: 866-930-9992


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