Senoir Administrative Coordinator

Position Description

Job Title: Sr. Project Administrative Coordinator

Reports To: Project Director

Narrative Description:

    Under the management of the Project Director, processes all taxpayer communication (including payments). Verifies audits, and corrects all vendor invoice reports and information. Manages, trains, and provides functional guidance to clerical support staff. Assists in the timely and accurate preparation of financial information for reporting to client, senior management, and others, including all incoming revenue to the unit. Audits daily paperwork, communication, and reports between the Client and project. Maintains all taxpayer files according to Client standards. Composes and/or edits letters, proposals, and reports for company records. Creates selected download databases and maintains vendor files and daily start-up operations. Additionally, assists in the development of computer software to maximize workflow. Performs tasks on PC's using a variety of software applications. In the absence of Project Director and System Manager, is in charge of managing vendor use, communication with client, and account input/output.

  • Processes all incoming taxpayer payments into RMS; directly deposits all monies to local bank. Payment information is then tracked and filed in accordance to and replicated to the client's filing systems.
  • Serves as the unit payment accounting liaison--utilizing vendor and client databases, files, and personnel to maintain reliable records and ensure consistency and accuracy between the software databases.
  • Verifies taxpayer computations against Client's tax ordinances to sustain proper handling of accounts.
  • Compiles, analyzes and presents daily, weekly, and monthly statistical information relative to the government accounts receivable/tax project.
  • Acts as units help source for all information processing to the city.
  • Must maintain and update accurate & identical records/taxpayer per vendor contract requirements.
  • Responsible for report preparation, storage, and retrieval. Assists in the timely and accurate preparation of information for reporting to clients, senior management, and others. Performs audits of RMS data at the account level to ensure accuracy in the accounting of all information processed for and to the City.
  • Composes and/or edits letters, proposals, and forms. Creates and edits all documents as needed on the project in addition to typing correspondence and memos.
  • Analyzes payment processing production flow to assist in the development of RMS to conform to contractual standards. Recommends enhancements to both the systems & the process.
  • Maintains confidential company files on a personal computer and paper where necessary.
  • Compiles information from both manual and automated sources on employee productivity on and off the call center. Documents information required for incentive/motivational programs.
  • Manages day-to-day workflow when Projector Director and System Manager are out of town.
  • Is responsible for training and managing all clerical persons in data entry, filing, mail processing, and reporting. Maintains evenflow of payment process for all unit members.
  • Performs basic administrative tasks such as copying, answering phones, and utilizing a 10 key in daily processes.
  • Operates and maintains call center and office equipment including fax machine, copy machine, binder equipment, personal computers, and printers.
Job Contacts:
  • Clients (the City) on project sites at various levels within the organization.
  • Subordinate clerical employees
  • Company employees at a project location.
  • Tax payers during collection and information gathering efforts.
  • TMA management at many levels
Qualifying Experiences:
  • Three (3) or more years experience working in large offices on various software including Word, Excel, and graphics PC environment.
  • Demonstrated excellence in grammar, spelling, and communication skills.
  • Computer keyboard by touch with accuracy.
  • Analytically adept at understanding computer generated reports and able to translate them into spreadsheets.
  • Must have a professional approach to the position with the ability to be trusted with client's money and highly confidential information on client premises.
  • Capable of learning to operate and run the Call Center Terminal in the absence of the Project Director.
  • Must be able to learn and accurately interpret tax ordinances at a competency level of mid-management for the Client.
  • This position relies on being quick, accurate, and consistent in the information gathering. Reporting is the key to each of the unit's team member's productivity.
  • Physical ability to perform all of the essential functions of the job.
Required Skills:
  • College degree with additional education in the use of computers, office machines, and PC's or the equivalence in experience.
  • Previous experience in a similar job description (administrative assistant/analyst) in a finance/credit/collections/accounts receivable related business or department.
  • Must have demonstrated communication skills, both written and verbal, and be adept at working with personnel in a variety of levels in a fast-paced organization.



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