Project Director

Position Description

Job Title: Project Director

Reports To: Director of Operations - TMA, Inc.

Narrative Description:

    Under the management of RIS Director of Operations, directs and manages a governmental client receivables collection / tax discovery project. Leads, directs, and implements defined action plan on client premises utilizing budgeted resources to accomplish determined financial goals and objectives. Responsible to train both client and company employees assigned to project. Ensures that all client and corporate policies and procedures are implemented and followed. Create and test the scoring matrix for new and existing databases to identify most probable non-registered businesses. Assures efficient and productive utilization of resources in the successful collection of client's accounts receivable portfolio and discovery of non-registered businesses.

  • Hire, train, and develop staff for project, offering direction and an inspirational environment for employees. Develop and administer motivational programs for staff as a part of the overall work atmosphere.
  • Ensure the smooth integration of Intelligent Call Management Center, RMS (Proprietary software) and other Turrow/McParlane Associates, Inc. (TMA) products and services as deemed appropriate for the accomplishment of the Tax Discovery project objectives and the client's needs.
  • Meet or exceed results and performance standards as set by the contractual action plan and provide recommendations for modifications to the project as the actual implementation is accomplished.
  • Establish job procedures and descriptions for all functions including standards of performance of newly created positions. Administer performance appraisals as required. Assign appropriate workload to staff including administrative duties and special projects. Assist in resolving taxpayer disputes or complaints as required.
  • Attend client meetings and maintain effective communication and rapport with all levels of client's employee group. Achieve the required balance to blend with client employee group as an insider.
  • Communicate trends, issues and productivity impediments to Director of Operations on a timely, need-to-know basis. Develop and maintain management reports, which effectively monitor key productivity and profit and loss data. Responsible for the preparation and distribution of management reports to client and RIS management on a weekly basis.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and exercise good judgment and logic in making decisions. Uphold high standards in the areas of customer service, teamwork, communication and work ethic.
  • Participate in the Due Diligence process for future projects as requested and available. Make client site available for prospect visits.
Job Contacts:
  • Clients on project site in senior governmental positions. Senior government personnel from state and City offices.
  • Employees of client having a dotted line or direct reporting relationship to this position.
  • City's middle management / other departments that interact, support, or work with the functions affecting cash flow / profitability.
  • Sales personnel from vendors, consultants, and others from outside the company.
  • TMA's senior management, training / installation team, and RIS System's personnel.
Qualifying Experience:
  • Bachelor's degree in business or its equivalent in experience desirable. Must have high school degree with technical or college level courses in the areas of credit management, accounting, business management, or related subjects.
  • Previously managed or supervised a credit / collections / customer service department with direct authority and responsibility for hiring, training, and terminations. Experienced manager of supervisors and a staff.
  • Experienced in progressive management techniques with expertise in departmental budgeting as well as human relation's skills across divisional lines.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of successful Project Management experience including customer service, consumer, and commercial collections responsibility with multiple industry experience.
Required Skills:
  • Hands-on line manager with successful collections management track record and ability to lead and direct collections staff of 20+ people including related personnel matters such as hiring, firing, performance appraisals, incentive plans, etc.
  • Effective verbal and written communicator, an excellent teacher.
  • Ability to identify productivity issues and trends, and to create and implement solutions to problems. Able to monitor project performance and provide timely feedback to encourage improvement and recognize accomplishments.
  • Ability to communicate and present issues and recommendations to client and TMA senior and middle management.
  • Knowledge in all areas of collections management with demonstrated skills in leadership, communications, and management development. Ability to exercise judgment and logic in making decisions.
  • Possess knowledge of collection laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Ability to learn tax ordinances and implement equitable compliance programs for client.
  • Experienced in the use of predictive dialer, billing, accounts receivable, payment processing, and automated collection systems.



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